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            How to re-assembly of stainless steel ball valve?

            Date:[2016-10-19]    Hits:


            Clean and check the parts removed from the stainless steel ball valve. It is highly recommended to replace the seal with its seat and bonnet gasket with spare parts.

            Assemble in the reverse order of removal of the stainless steel ball valve.

            Cross-tighten the flange connection bolts (5) with the specified torque.

            With the specified torque, lock the stem nut (13)

            After installing the actuator, input the corresponding signal to rotate the valve spool by rotating the valve stem to open and close the valve.

            ? If possible, pressure-seal the valve and test the performance of the valve before returning the piping to the relevant standard.

            Model Representation:

            As the previous valve Q11S-16C this "S" means that the older method, "S" on behalf of the plastic seal to pay. With "F" said. Representative of PTFE or PTFE material

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