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            What are the benefits of using a stainless steel ball valve?

            Date:[2016-10-19]    Hits:

            In the current market, the stainless steel ball valve is a lot of classification, there are electric, pneumatic, we mainly let customers understand the next stainless steel ball valve, its function is used to cut off or connected to the pipeline medium, of course, can Used for fluid regulation and control.

            What are the benefits of using a stainless steel ball valve?

            1, anti-static function: in the sphere, stem, set the spring between the valve, the switch can produce static electricity export;

            2, in order to make the stem long-term operation smooth and flexible, you can use thrust bearings to reduce stem friction torque;


            3, the fluid resistance is small, all valves in the fluid resistance of a minimum;

            4, the valve stem packing seal is not easy to damage, and the sealing capacity increases with the pressure of the media increases, the stem seal reliable, because the stem only for the imitation of rotation and do not lift movements;

            5, PTFE and other materials with good self-lubricating, and the ball friction loss is small, so the long life of the ball valve;

            6, under the stem and stem stem convex head to prevent the stem out of the stem, such as fire damage caused by stem seal between the convex and the valve body can also form a metal contact to ensure the stem seal;

            7, seat sealing performance, and its structure is easy to seal, is the use of PTFE and other elastic materials made of sealing ring, ball valve sealing capacity increases with the media pressure increases.

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