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            A brief description of the development of stainless steel ball valve is how kind

            Date:[2016-10-19]    Hits:

            In people's daily life, there will be stainless steel ball valve, but when did it start?

                 Back in the 1880s, when the United States because of the lack of appropriate sealing material limit the development of stainless steel ball valve, it failed to become a formal industrial products. Until the 1950s, the emergence of flexible sealing materials such as PTFE only to its emergence and development of a turn for the better; but also because of the development of machine tool industry, the ball processing technology to improve the ball to achieve the required dimensional accuracy and Surface roughness.

                 At present the largest nominal diameter has reached 3050mrn, a pump provided by the four ball valves, turbine outlet for the cut-off valve, the design pressure of 4.8MPa. The maximum working pressure of the ball valve has reached 72 MPa, the corresponding temperature up to 1000C.


            Stainless steel ball valve is not only widely used in general industrial pipeline, but also widely used in oil, chemical, power generation, aviation, rocket, paper, atomic energy and other departments, but also in the nuclear industry, aerospace industry liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen pipeline use.

                 It is characterized by: corrosion-resistant, light weight, put the low. In the waterways, chemical pipelines become more and more widely used. Diameter 6-inch plastic ball valve, with high strength, excellent temperature and corrosion resistance, the applicable temperature is less than 250 degrees.

                 Large diameter oil (or natural gas) pipeline is an important aspect of ball valve applications. Nominal diameter range: 600-1400mm, working pressure is usually 8.0MPa, in order to ensure safety Some manufacturers are using the characteristics of the use of pipeline ball valve and its impact on the natural conditions of the outside world, the anti-bending test, weather conditions integrated Test, to prevent the spread of the fire test, emergency cutting test.

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